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The ways of art poetry  of Claudio Colaone written in 1992
It is his poetic vision of art.


I like border line colours where you don’t know when turquoise finishes and green begins.
I like the colours of doubt, of travels and dreams.
I like white because it does not do anything and black because it does not exist.
I like the light and the dark, snakes and lizards, orange and blue and all that has nothing to do whit it.
I like an emptiness more than fullness, taking away more than giving and to keep quiet more than talking.
And I like the ways of art.

Art like bread for the eyes and wine for the soul.
Art great like the sea, high like mountains and lots like stars.
Art that unites, that pleases the eyes and swells mankind.
Art which would be better if it was not.
Art that hides, that absolves, art like an excuse.
Art without time and space.
Art nichilist.
Art that perfumes, colour smell.

I like art because I can do what I want.
You can do what you want because your feet are not on the ground and yours head not on your shoulders.

Art like a literary key of world.
Art like a key to imprison mankind.
Art that has nothing to do whit it.
Art like the missing link to arrive at the stars.
Art like the missing link to go to hell.
Art to stay here.

I like gipsy aspect of art.
It is at it is not, it comes and goes.

Art like an antidote for fear.
Art that plays whit the death and teases life.
Art bad mannered.
Art that looks nobody in the eyes.
Art empty, as you think it disappears.
Art that gives dignity to that which ignorance throws in the mud.
Art like a carnival where anything goes.
Art elusive, art too far away.
Art little is needed.
Art always done.

Courage to do it.
I like the ways of art.

Claudio Colaone

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