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“PRAISE THE TREES” paintings on paper

SABER – oil and acrylic on paper – cm 50×70

“PRAISE THE TREES” paintings on paper

This series of paintings on paper are a tribute to the magic and beauty of the trees, a praise of gestures, signs and colors.
Since childhood I was fascinated by their elegance and their majesty; every tree for me.
It was a world unto itself, full of secrets and mysteries, a kingdom whose court I was constantly invited.
Now that I am adult, nothing has changed, the love of trees is unchanged.
The only difference is that when I was a child they were game companions, now they are life companions.
Every tree, in its uniqueness, is an expression of the universe, divine expression, and as such deserves devotion and respect.
From the top of our arrogance is difficult to go down and humbly admit that a tree it is not only a timber or decorative object for our gardens, but a living being a thinking, knowledgeable and wise.
A small universe, a summary of the “whole.”

In these paintings on paper it seems that the image is impressed with the speed of a camera shutter;
It ‘a furtive shot that captures the tree in its intimacy, in its essence.
Instantly captures the movement, expression, emotion and character of a tree
giving it dignity.

Download all the paintings-PDF

satu – oil and acrylic on paper – cm 70×50


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