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On the high seas – painting on paper – cm 100×50

This series of paper painting is devoted to the concept of “high sea”,
understood both as a physical place and as a human condition.
It’s a series of colorful shots of raw colors and imprecise signs.
A series of flashes.

On the high seas

On the high seas, without reference points.
Everywhere you look you see only a line that separates the sky from the sea
A condition of loss and at the same time of excitement.
There is nothing to reassure you except the desire and the dream of a port’s view.
Or the joy and madness of the certainty that you will never see.
On the high seas, Where the waves and the wind dance.
They dance and hug.
On the high seas, where abandonment reigns.
Abandonment from something.
Abandonment to something.
On the high seas, where the lie is not standing.
Where the doubt arises.
Where the words float.
Where the tears do not bathe you.
On the high seas, sacred place.
On the high seas, human condition.
On the high seas, escape
On the high seas, where galaxy is mirrored.
On the high seas, place of peace.
On the high seas, a dream
On the high seas,

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Claudio Colaone

On the high seas – painting on paper – cm 100×50

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