Painter and sculptor


The essence of Claudio Colaone sculpture can be summarized in three words:

His passion for the human body and dance, related to the attraction to the element metal, have developed in him the ability to trap between the sheets of copper movement and the soul of dancing figures, capturing them in fluid and arminiose positions.
In his sculpture in addition to copper, he also used steel, brass, iron and aluminum, elements that he combines, interweaves and steadfast pursuit in his imagination a desire for power button, indomitable and constantly evolving.
His mastery of in balancing movement and proportions, combined with his mastery of the subject, creates an ever increasing expectation of grace and beauty.
The light slides and bounces on the form with dynamic and harmonious motion and it renews the desire
motion by creating many expressive projections.

The artistic career of Claudio Colaone is the result of a personal experience that has had onset in youth research on physicality, movement.
And the “movement” is precisely the key to enter heart and soul into his sculpture.
All his sculptures are invaded, from small to large ones.
His is an original expressive search for quality and modes of expression.
Finally it is worth highlighting his passion for the element metal and fire, from the union of which flows the creative energy of his sculpture.


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