Painter and sculptor



“Colors molded, shaped, cut and joined together as acrobatic buildings that stand against any physical law.
Bold colors and never arrogant that bounce from one extreme to the other and then love to stop in those areas in which the eye loves to meditate..
Colored material that dances on the canvas that seems to give an intense fragrance that captivates travelers.
Sinuous lopsided figures rude to insult the sensitivity of humans and then humbly apologize.
A colorful circus, full of music, loud, amazing and disrespectful that arrives today and tomorrow already wears off. ”

Claudio Colaone

Claudio Colaone, in his oil acrylic painting also joins colored earths and oxides; the canvas are produced by himself because the painting technique that he uses only fits this type of media created especially.
The oil acrylic painting of Claudio is to perform various actions on the canvas that can be far apart both hours and days; starting with acrylics and adhesives to end up with oils and colored earths,
Claudio creates a material effect, almost sculptural, that makes his paintings accessible not only from the eyes and hearts even by touch.
With this oil painting and acrylic creates visions that look like other worlds with horizons that attract our eye “at the bottom where the rule nothing”; or scenes of “human” posed as a group photo or dancing immersed in a forest, in a savannah or in an almost twilight fog.
Then mythological figures they bring the mind to the peoples of other time, or color sections that seem to make the canvas vibrate.
Claudio is a fine painter, scrutinizes the light, searching in the dark the relationship between sign and color, deepening the wide color range of colors that he loves.


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