Painter and sculptor



Claudio Colaone was born in Gonars (Udine), on October 22nd, 1959.
When he was a student he attended the “Liceo scientifico” and studied music.
He began his artistic activity as painter, sculptor and musician in the 90s.
In 1998 he lived in New York where he had the opportunity to meet other
artists coming from America and other countries.
In 2000 he collaborated with “Gallery 33th” which presented him in some exhibitions in the States.
In 2001 he took part in Contemporary Art Exhibitions in New York, Atlanta
and Chicago,
In 2004 he went to Lahore in Pakistan where he created some sculptures for
the”International Art Festival”.
In the same festival he took part as musician as well; he played the sax with
Pakistan and Indian artists (World Performing Arts).

 Claudio Colaone in the study of Biauzzo,Codroipo (UD) 1999

Claudio Colaone in the study of Biauzzo, Codroipo (UD) 1999

Monumental sculptures

Claudio Colaone made several monumental sculptures for public bodies in recent years:

  •  In 2000 in Udine two copper sculptures for the New Theater “Giovanni da Udine”
  • In 2002 a sculpture in Milan (Pero)
  • In 2006 a sculpture in Trento (Levico Terme)
  • In 2007 a sculpture for the Public Library in Trento
  • In 2008 a sculpture for the Public School in Trento (Pergine Valsugana).


Experienced and passionate musician plays the saxophone with other musicians in the jazz sextet: “Démodé”.
In 2011 he records the second CD with DEMODE “The empty words” and in 2014 the third “Ison”.
Dèmodè website:

The most significant Exhibitions:

  • 1989 Murnik (Milano)
  • 1990 Sbaiz (Lignano Sabbiadoro)
  • 1991 Usmis (Udine)
  • 1992 Smidhiln Art (Milano)
  • 1993 Usmis (Udine)
  • 1997 Villa Manin (Codroipo, Udine)
  • 1999 Gallery 33th (New York)
  • 2000 Gallery 33th (New York)
  • 2002 Artstudio (Milano)
  • 2005 Galleria Polin (Treviso)
  • 2006 Galleria Polin (Treviso)
  • 2008 Galleria Studio “Il Torchio” Albenga (Savona)
  • 2011 Stucki Shopping Basel (Basilea )
  • 2014 Galleria Schubert Milano
  • 2014 Italian Institute of Culture in Vienna
  • 2017 Galleria Baroni (Milano)
  • 2019 Galleria Sonia Monti (Parigi)


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