Painter and sculptor

Sculpture before 2000

WOOD AND PLYWOOD characterize the sculpture before 2000

In the sculpture before 2000 Claudio Colaone mainly uses multilayer plywood and wood.
With skill he bends, shapes and paste the wood and plywood and then assembles them and color them.
He creates forms that refer, as he himself says, “the demonstrations, tangible and intangible, of everything that surrounds us and that it drowns.
In the sculptures before 2000 there is no reference, north south east west, 2,000 years ago, 50 years ago, between 1000 years, Mongolia, Primitive people, flamenco, Mishima, none of this and all of this together.
Only the space and the size of the works crossed by its experimental travel.
Current-voltage-emotional-chaos-elegance-silence-penalty-empty-ritualità- Pasolini-Mishima; these are the cornerstones of the artistic work of the period of Claudius Colaone
This is a magical time of his artistic experience where, as he says in “THE STREETS OF ART”, “you can do what you want because I do not have feet on the ground and his head is not on your shoulders.”


In the late 90s Claudio Colaone discovers and begins to work the metal (iron. Steel, aluminum and especially copper) creating the basis for all future works.
Here he begins to create The first biggest dancing bodies as those of the last period and the first sculptures with their development will lead to the realization of monumental sculptures.


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